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History and Heuristics

The college is situated in the plateau region of Vindhyachal which is assumed to all as a sacred place in our country because of the glory of goddess of Vindhyachal. From a very long time, the in habitants of this locality had been suffering from getting the knowledge of higher education because they were unable to maintain a desirable expense having gone to study to a long way situated higher institution. Nothing can be described about the poverty of a common people of this region and there were no one among the capitalists inside our outside this region who might understand the grieves of the helpless persons of this area; however such persons were available thereat. Looking towards the historical play of our country, some great people were incarnated certainly in time by the grace of God as accordance with the needs of humen beings and they, in fact, came to this world having associated with adequate power by which the problem might be solved. The person by whom sacrifice the college has been established as origination in 1994 was honourable Late Dr. Ramkhelawan Maurya who was not a resident of elsewhere, but a villager of Babura (Bhairo Dayal) which is situated on Reewa National highway ten kilometers apart from Lalganj, a Tehsil of Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. He was born in 1922 and served the country as a freedom fighter in his youth life with a complete devotion; and when our country got independence he began to lead associated with Congress Party of India following the Gandhian thought. The internal as well as the external evidences expressed him in the form of a saint so much so that his ideal nature had been heartly preferred by all the associates in his contact and as a result his praiseful conduct compelled him to originate this institution.

In managing the minimum avaibility to start the institution, the originator had to beg having gone door to door to the landlords and to those who might solve the desirable expenses in constructing buildings required for class rooms and for other infrastructures which are found essential in the beginning, however, some more or less expenditures were maintained also by the originator himself. By behaviour and sacrifice produced by him, he was known to all a Gandhi of Uparaudh (Lalganj and its neighbouring areas) and also by a popular misnomer name Mantri Jee. Really speaking, Dr. Ramkhelawan Maurya was a completely renouncing person in the sense that he was beyond from the desirousness of the fame of his name himself or the name of his ancestors. This is why that the name of the college was not assured by him to keep it by adding his name or his ancestors but rather he preferred to name the college independently by the very popular name –Smt.Indira Gandhi Govt. College, Lalganj,Mirzapur when the college had been handed over to the government. However, he might consider the name of the college to keep it in favour of himself under a managed governing body, but he did not do so like other.He was died on 28.05.2004 having given a precious thing to the local areas of Lalganj and, therefore the whole areas of this region is owe to his birth. The followings are also the giving of Late Dr. Ramkhelawan Maurya: Primary School Babura ,Bhairo Dayal; Bapu Uparaudh Intermediate College,Lalganj; Block of Lalganj; First Aid Health Centre; Animal Hospital; Agriculture Building of Lalganj; Tehsil of Lalganj; ManVindhyavasini Intermediate College, Lahangpur; Dr.Ramkhelawan Maurya Intermediate College , Babura, Bhairo Dayal; Govt. Girls High School , Baraundha ; Kanya Vidyalaya , Lalganj , Lalganj ; Primary School, Lalganj ; Janshakti High School , Lalganj; Society Organization : Remaining considered plans : Railway Line , University , Medical College. etc.

About Lalgang and Mirzapur

Geographically, Lalganj, a Tehsil of Mirzapur, is situated on Rewa national high way, 28 km. distant apart from Mirzapur, a south district of Uttar Pradesh, located at an inclination of 45° towards south from east-west direction and the college campus has been constructed on Dubar-Kalwari road, 2 km. far from Lalganj Bazar. The natural contents of Mirzapur region seem to be very attractive. A number of natural Falls and somewhere appearance of dense forest attracts every one because of their natural beauty; Kotarnath, Kusheyera Fall, Serasi Fall, Tanda Fall, Lakhania Dari, Bhusi Stream, Vindham Fall etc, which are situated in outskirt of Mirzapur city are found much attractive in rainy season. The splitting and cracking rocky caves are available somewhere in which some of them are quite natural but some visualized factitious on which having captioned the indicaptive names of ancient Yogi persons have been written by depicting their pictures also. Towards southern part of Lalganj, the river Belan flows from east to west in which flat rocks and stone pieces appear in immense amount as well, and it is said that the Belan civilization is quite ancient rather than the Sindhu Valley civilization. The holy place of Kotarnath is situated on the river island in Hallia block of Langanj, whereat a big fair of villagers is held. A very famous temple of Goddess Garabara is situated also in Hallia block and thereat too, a big fair of Devi's Bhaktas is held in each and every year.

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