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Admission Process

For admission in B.A. / B. Sc. 1st year classes, two separate committees for Arts and Science are formed separately and in each committee separate conveners are made who prepare the merit lists of the candidates to be admitted on the basis of Common Reservation rule. In each course, the following are the mode of reservation:

General (50%) | Other Backwards (27%) | Schedule Caste/Tribe (21%) | Girls (2%)

According to the ordinances and advices as suggested by the university Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, 420 admission of the candidates for B.A. classes and 300 for B.Sc. classes have been permitted for first year classes on the basis of available professors but, in a special situation up to 560 admissions of the candidates for B.A and 400 for B.Sc. classes may also be permitted provided that professors available to handle the classes.

In the process of formation of merit list of intermediate passed students, first of all a decreasing order of percentage is formed by assimilating all the categories and then 50% forms from the arranged forms are kept separated . After then candidates belonging to their categories are to be separated from remaining as mentioned above. Also in the process of forming merit list, the candidates having more than two yea r gaps of passing year are to be exempted from the regular admission as well as those candidates who have already appeared in the previous examination are also to be exempted for the regular admission. Again, the candidates belonging under privileges such as candidates having NSS, NCC, GAME, Freedom fighter, Kargil Shahid, Physically handicapped, certificates are to be considered properly for the admission. Those candidates who make gaps in the passing year of intermediate class, their 5% marks are deducted from the total percentage of marks obtained. Also, in process of forming merit list, the marks obtained in professional courses are omitted and the percentage is calculated on the marks obtained in remaining subject.

In our process, all the seven subjects for B.A. classes have been divided into 29 groups of which some of them have been marked by single star, double stars, triple stars which indicate their importance of choice of the students.Out of seven subjects, three can be selected by 35 ways in which the two restricted subjects geography and history can not appear together. These groups appear in 5 ways. Again one restriction has also been made in which all the literal subject appear together of which their number is one. Thus, here 5+1 = 6 restricted groups are available altogether. Therefore, total no. of unrestricted groups in which admissions are permitted are 35 -6 = 29 groups.

For admission in M.A. 1st year classes' four subjects, the concerned departmental professors make the merit lists of students on the basis of marks obtained in B.A.3rd year class as a final. At present 60 seats are available in each of the four subjects, but in special situation these seats are extended up to the maximum of 80. According to the categories reservation, these are offered to students in the following way:

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